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A big question that potential customers always ask is the "Why?". What sets our fuel company apart from the competition? After all, Propane is a fuel and the quality of Propane is the same across the board. So what are the reasons for choosing Armstrong as your Propane Delivery Service? Quite often you see fuel delivery companies advertising an attractive price, but not until you sign up do you realize you are stuck in a term contract, at a price that wasn't advertised to include the "hidden costs", and sub-par delivery services. This isn't always the case but you don't want to get stuck with a company that doesn't care, read below and you wouldn't want to sign up with anyone else!

Armstrong Propane focuses on customer service. The people here are dedicated to the company and the customer. But that isn't all the reason to choose us;







  • Switching to Propane: When you call to make the switch, Armstrong will come and pick up your old heating oil tank and replace with an Armstrong Propane tank. We do not have a tank pick-up fee while the competition does. Armstrong does the full installation, and you have nothing to worry about or arrange, we take care of it all!

  • Cost: In our price per liter, all extra fees associated are worked in. This allows us to give you a price that is meaningful and accurate. We do not hide fees like other companies, and add them in once you sign - we include it all. This makes our price sound higher than the competition, but even with all our fees worked in, our price beats the others!

  • Contracts: Some fuel companies will make sure they have you tied in for a really long contract. We offer no term contracts, the customer is in control. We believe our work should speak for itself, and we strive to keep you as a longstanding customer.

  • Auto Delivery: Armstrong can set up Auto Delivery. This way, you do not need to think about when the next fill up will be, all you need to know is that your fuel will be available when you need it.

  • Equipment: We have up to date trucks, that are fully serviced by an in-house mechanic. Timely fixes and proper maintenance means our trucks are always ready for service. We also have smaller trucks that are a better fit for some residential houses with limited access. If the tank itself is hard to reach, we have hoses that are 150' long. When it snows, our winter tires keep us running, and our 4-wheel drive truck can tackle any residence. We are prepared, and have the ability to reach your tanks!

  • Professionalism: Armstrong takes pride in quality and professional work. This is reflected in all our drivers, during delivery and installation. We ensure a tidy installation and leave no mess behind us. At Armstrong, we respect your property and we respect the customer.

  • Customer Service: Our focus is the customer. At Armstrong we want the customer to be able to call and talk to someone no matter what. We are your main contact, meaning that whenever you have a question or concern relating to your fuel, furnace, delivery, etc. we are there. If we do not fulfill such a service, we will refer you to the right place. At anytime you can call Armstrong, even during off hours, where we have an answering service that will take messages and relay them to the relevant person - an effort to make sure each customer has what they need.

  • 24/7 Service: Run out of fuel and you are in a pinch? Don't hesitate to give us a call, we deliver fuel after all, and we can offer that emergency service that we realize is sometimes needed. You can catch us delivering on weekends and holidays when necessary too!

Read more about the Benefits of Propane.

To sign up, or simply get in contact with Armstrong to ask questions, fill out the contact form below or call us at 1-800-652-5238. For more contact information visit our Contact Us.

  • Stress free switch to Propane

  • Cost of product beats the competition

  • Contracts are no term

  • Offering Auto Delivery

  • Latest and reliable service equipment

  • Professionalism

  • Customer Service

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