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Armstrong carries all the different fuels that you will need. Specializing in Propane, we would be happy to hear from you and see what we can do. 

Whether you are a private residence, business, or farm, we are able to service you. Our prices are extremely competitive, and the team that works at Amstrong is dedicated to customer service. A combination that is tough to beat.




Whether it is your home, business, farm, or job-site, using propane as a source of energy is the way to go. Propane is economical and environmentally friendly - leading as a source of clean energy. 

Propane is becoming more popular because of the benefits that come along with choosing this energy. Armstrong is here to provide you with the propane you depend on for its various applications.

Benefits of Propane

Propane is very efficient, safe, and a reliable source of energy. Virtually anything in your home or building that uses electricity, can run on propane. The cost of using propane as a source of energy is less than its counterpart electricity (or in some cases heating oil). The cost of electricity can be up to or more than twice the cost of propane.

  • Propane vs. Electricity: Propane is affordable. Its efficiency makes it even more affordable. For example, heating water with propane rather than electricity is 30% more efficient, and a dryer using propane will be up to 50% more efficient. 

  • Propane vs. Heating Oil: Fuels can not be compared simply by the cost per liter. Each fuel has a different burning efficiency. Propane burns more efficiently than heating oil as well as being cheaper, which leads to your cost savings. A propane furnace can operate at 95% efficiency, that is a number tough to beat.

  • Propane for your Furnace: The air that is pumped into your home using an electric furnace is below body temperature (98.6 degrees), but a propane fueled furnace can produce air from 130-140 degrees. 

  • Reliability: While the electricity is subject to power outages, propane is still available. Propane can be safely stored on your property in a tank installed and provided by Armstrong. 

  • Versatility: Propane can be used as an energy source for any appliance that would be running on electricity. It has a wide range of applications, at an affordable price.

  • Safety: Propane is a naturally safe energy. Propane won't ignite when mixed with air, unless the temperature is 920-1020 degrees Farenheit. Propane gas is also non-toxic and produces little emissions.

  • Insurance: Insurance companies are getting more strict when it comes to your heating oil tanks. An older tank will disqualify your home from insurance. If that is not the case, there is still a fee for having heating oil. The insurance premium is reduced when you switch to Propane. 

  • Environmental Impact: Propane is the leading source of clean energy. It has a high octane rating meaning it burns efficiently, and it burns cleanly. Propane also does not affect groundwater or soil, making it a safe fuel.


Propane is an overall more economical and efficient source of energy than electricity or heating oil. The benefits and cost savings are real, and Armstrong can guide you through the process to get you set up to use propane. Choosing Armstrong and choosing Propane has huge benefits that you don't want to miss out on. Make the call, and switch today!

Why to Choose Armstrong Propane.

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Clear & Dyed Diesel

Armstrong offers different fuels to meet everyone's needs. We deliver clear and dyed diesels where you need it.

Customers use Dyed Diesel for equipment on job-sites, as well as farms or commercial properties. Clear is road vehicle grade, available for your fleet (delivery or cardlock). 

Deliveries: We deliver to residential & commercial, farms and job-sites. 

Cardlock Facility 24/7: Armstrong offers clear diesel at our cardlock for your convenience. Located in Bolton, and available around the clock.


Regular Unleaded

Our main products are Propane, Clear & Dyed Diesel; but we understand the need for regular unleaded fuel as well. 

Deliveries: We deliver to residential & commercial, farms and job-sites. 


Heating Oil

Armstrong still offers heating oil, and will deliver to your home. That being said, we encourage customers to switch from heating oil to Propane for the many reasons listed above. Armstrong makes the switch easy, and you as the customer see the benefits of Propane.

If you are considering what source of energy to use on a new build home or commercial use property, we recommend using Propane as an efficient and economical alternative to heating oil.

Deliveries: We deliver to residential & commercial, farms and job-sites. 


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